See new wind farm layout in 3D

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Scout Moor Wind Farm Expansion Limited has launched a new 3D fly-through showing the changes it’s made to its expansion plans.

If you click on the link to the fly-through it will take you over Scout Moor and show you what the new wind farm will really look like and where the 16 new turbines will be located.

The new plans include:

  • Reducing the number of turbines from 26 to 16
  • Removal of the proposed turbines in the north west and north east areas of the site
  • A greater distance between the turbines and the Mary Towneley Loop
  • A greater distance to the moorland edge
  • Retained access via Marshalls Quarry
  • Protection of deep peat by careful siting of the turbines
  • An entirely separate connection to the electricity Grid in Rossendale.

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