Common Land Application


This related application is ‘on hold’ pending the outcome of the inquiry into the planning application, but details of the process and common land application package are provided below.

The sixteen proposed new turbines, access tracks and cables which form the Scout Moor Expansion scheme, are proposed mainly on land designated as Common Land under the Commons Act 2006.

This means that we are also required to seek consent from the Planning Inspectorate to de-register the land on which the new turbines and associated infrastructure will be sited and provide an area of replacement Common Land.

In addition, the Moorland Restoration and Management Plan (MRMP) also requires consent to erect areas of temporary fencing on areas of degraded blanket bog within the Scout Moor area. The purpose of the fencing is to assist in re-establishing vegetation on bare peat and enhancement of the vegetation where is badly damaged. The improved habitats in turn would result in better water quality reaching the reservoirs downstream.

The improvements proposed by the MRMP will generate a significant local benefit associated with the planning application.

In 2015, we undertook a period of consultation on the Common Land proposals with the local community and stakeholders. To find out more, please download our consultation newsletter. We asked you to comment on:

Our choice of ‘Replacement Land Areas’

  • The objectives of the Moorland Restoration and Management Plan
  • The principles of proposed temporary fencing will support the restoration of Scout Moor
  • Any further comments.

We are now in the process of considering these comments and preparing our final application documents. Please continue to visit the website for further updates.

Supporting documents and plans

We have produced a number of corresponding draft documents for the proposed applications under Section 16 and Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006. These documents can be downloaded below: