The Scheme

Why expand

The proposals have been developed since 2011, alongside a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment and extensive pre-application consultation with the local community, stakeholders, landowners and common right holders.

The final scheme includes:

  • The construction and operation of 16 wind turbines located on land to the north and on land between the existing turbines and access tracks of Scout Moor Wind Farm
  • The construction of associated ancillary infrastructure including access tracks, crane pads, underground cabling, anemometer mast, construction compound and substation
  • The restoration and management of the degraded moorland peat habitat within the application site, including the erection of temporary fencing
  • Proposals to connect the wind farm to the national electricity grid1 via underground cabling and the creation of temporary off-street car parking facilities for residents in Edenfield during the construction period 2
  • The creation of a new horse-riding route, to contribute towards improving linkages between the south-western side of Scout Moor and the Mary Towneley Loop for horse riders
  • The creation of new recreational paths for pedestrians and horse-riders to link existing and proposed wind farm access tracks to existing Public Rights of Way.

1 Details of how the Proposed Development is likely to be connected to the national electricity grid are presented within the Environmental Statement and have been the subject of the EIA process. However, these works do not form part of the application for planning permission. Rather, responsibility for the consenting and implementation of these works rests with the relevant District Network Operator.

2 The use of the Edenfield Community Centre car park does not require planning permission but the effects of its use during periods of construction have been the subject of EIA and are considered in the supporting ES and Planning Statement

To find out more, watch our fly-through video of the Scout Moor Wind Farm proposals: